An Ambitious Project – Publishing a Life in Bioethics

Associate Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini is something of an Australian landmark.   He is currently the Associate Dean and Head of the Bioethics Department at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne.

In an earlier blog, I wrote about a series of seminars that Professor Tonti-Filippini has organized in different parts of Melbourne, in order to outline his concerns about end-of-life decisions.

This very practical information and education program is typical of his work as one of Australia’s most widely recognised commentators on life and healthcare ethics.  His acumen and determination can leave lesser spirits humbled.

Despite enduring years of debilitating and painful ill-health, he has had a remarkably productive and prestigious career in philosophical, theological and bioethical analysis.  Not only has he consistently appealed to the universal grounds of human dignity and human rights, his work has also shed new perspectives upon Catholic tradition.  He has produced papers and analyses for an extensive range of clients-from Popes to the family in the parish pew, for volunteer organisations as well as parliamentary committees, for the front line of international human rights debates to the informal columns of the Sunday magazines.

In an ambitious project, the independent regional Victorian publishing house, Connor Court Publishing, has begun a multi-volume series which collects together under unified themes, some of Professor Tonti-Filippini’s prodigious and sharply-honed bioethical thought.  Under the title “About Bioethics”, the planned series includes volumes which cover an extensive territory of pressing issues ranging from general philosophical themes, to suffering and dying, sexuality, motherhood, creation and evolution, organ donation and much more.

Each volume of the series is selling for about $30 RRP.   For more information on the “About Bioethics” series, please contact Connor Court Publishing at (03) 9005-9167 or order online.

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