CWL of Western Australia

CWL of Western Australia

“Charity Work & Loyalty”

The Catholic Women’s League of Western Australia (CWLWA) was founded in 1937 after several years of consultation with the Catholic Women’s League of South Australia. Our motto, Charity Work & Loyalty, has been ‘lived’ by our members for more than 75 years.

CWLWA is primarily organised within parish-based branches throughout Western Australia (Dioceses of Bunbury and Geraldton and the Archdiocese of Perth). However, we also welcome diocesan members who for a variety of reasons do not belong to a parish branch. This form of membership is proving very attractive to women with no local branch, with heavy work or family commitments, or with mobility restrictions from age or health. Diocesan members are kept up to date with what is happening in the League and are encouraged to join with us at special events or, supporting and being involved in the work of CWLWA in any way that they choose.

In all of our work, we are deeply committed to being guided by authentic Catholic teaching in both principle and practice. We seek to raise our own awareness as ordinary Catholic women from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and age groups of how the Kingdom of God is to be manifested in our everyday lives. We ‘choose to work in love’.

Since our foundation, we have also worked closely with other organisations, within the Catholic and wider Christian community and, within secular society. We are represented on Australian Church Women (WA Unit), the World Day of Prayer State Committee and the National Council of Women of Western Australia.

If you would like to join a wonderful group of women and help make a difference, please contact one of our State Executive:

President Bev Macri 0427 900 263 Email
Secretary Maria Parkinson 0428 771 140 Email
Treasurer Valma Ivory 0428 760 784 Email
Social Issues Lynne Buzzard 0438 511 162  Email
International Secretary Barbara Paterniti 0418 905 232  Email
Vice President Adele Parsons 0428 584 882  Email