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Bioethics Newsletter May 2018

Behold I am with you always, yes, to the end of time. Matthew 28:20 The latest newsletter deals with infertility, fertility knowledge, and IVF. It is estimated that one in six Australian couples experience infertility, which is defined as failure to conceive after one year of unprotected sex, or recurring […]

Bioethics Newsletter March 2018

The March newsletter touches on Childhood gender dysphoria. Childhood gender dysphoria is described as the distress associated with persistent, insistent and resistant identification by a child with the gender of the opposite sex. Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person’s physical gender and the gender with which they identify. Since the western cultural affirmation of gender transition, there has been a 2000% increase in the number of children claiming distress over their gender referred to the UK Gender Identity Service. To view the newsletter please click below: Bioethics Newsletter March 2018

Installation Mass And Handover Report

From the left; Past Presidents Georgie Bruce-Smith (WA), Margaret (Peg) Mcentee OAM (NSW), Karyn Kammann (WA), Anne-Marie Clark (SA), and National President Valma Ivory (WA).) On Sunday 4 February, the Installation Mass for Catholic Women’s League Australia was held at St Benedict’s Parish Church in Applecross. WA members were officially […]

Bioethics Newsletter January 2018

Together with modern human cruelties, persecutions, abortion and genocide, the Holy Innocents remind us of the treasure of each created human life. We recognize the gift of life and, like Balaam’s donkey, will not be beaten anddriven down a godless path where life is cheap and disposable, where others‘ lives will be judged worthless by the more vocal and powerful in our own ambit. There were 10,421 abortions in Queensland in 2017, with 140 occurring at 20 weeks gestation. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians andGynaecologists issued a statement to the Queensland Government in relation to proposed legalisation of abortion. To view the newsletter please click below: CWLA Inc National Bioethics Newsletter January 2018[1] copy

47th National Biennial Conference

Written by Carolyn Metcalfe   The 47th National Biennial Conference of Catholic Women’s League Australia Inc, was held at the Novotel Sydney Parramatta Hotel from the 22nd to the 24th September 2015. 230 delegates attended the Conference over the two days. The Conference began with the very beautiful Opening Mass […]

Brief History of WUCWO

“Feminine holiness is indispensable in the life of the Church…” Blessed John Paul II, Message to the WUCWO General Assembly, Rome, 2001 The International Union of Catholic Women’s League (IUCWL), renamed the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO) in 1952, was founded in 1910 following a meeting in Brussels […]

47th National Biennial Conference – Program

22nd-24th September 2015 Novotel Sydney Parramatta, NSW This is to give you more information about our National Conference.  Just a reminder to get your accommodation bookings in early with the Novotel.  If anyone needs a booking form there is one in the April e-Newsletter; you can contact your State executive; […]

Greetings from New York

It is cold here and there is a fair bit of snow on the ground. We’ve caught up with the other WUCWO women and discussed CSW, current trends and what is being promoted. There have been several Parallel Events on Trafficking, some of which have been very disturbing. One, run […]

Surrogacy: wanted children, unwanted child

Written by Dr Deirdre Little, National Bioethics Convenor   A little boy, commissioned by his parents and abandoned when he disappointed them, has brought a focus to many issues. Babies paid for under surrogacy contracts can become the objects of a business deal to the purchasing parents. The heart, mind, […]

Installation of the CWLA National Executive 2014-2015

Written by NSW National Executive After their installation Mass are the CWLA National Executive including, from left: Diana Lyon, PR and Community Engagement Officer; Margaret (Peg) McEntee OAM, Vice President; Carolyn Metcalfe, President; Robyn Miller, Secretary; Pauline O’Malley, Treasurer and Ann Pereira, second Vice President. Photo: Karen Cassar At a […]

Oil for the Wounds: Interviews with Pope Francis

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor   Pope Francis’ recent interviews in America magazine, and with atheist Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari in La Repubblica, have “gone viral” since their publication. Unfortunately, the level of selective reporting and of skewed reading is also off the scale! There are the jubilant headlines announcing that […]

Synergy: Working together for the Culture of Life

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor This is a summation of the speech given by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor, at the recent 46th National Biennial Conference. “Synergy” is a rather specialised 19th century word originally used in science. Its literal sense comes from two Greek terms meaning “substances […]

Time out with Reggie Littlejohn

Written by Fiona Basile This is the fifth in a series of reports by photo-journalist, and Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga member, Fiona Basile who attended the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations in New York in March. The […]

Surrogacy as Bureaucratic Parenting and a Fashion Statement

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor Part I In 2011, the Tasmanian Catholic Women’s League prepared a detailed submission to the Tasmanian Parliament which voiced serious concerns about the risks of “genealogical bewilderment” for children and exploitation of vulnerable women within the state and beyond. Their submission also decried […]

C-FAM—on the ground at the UN

Written by Fiona Basile Jane Munro, Austin Ruse and Fiona Basile. Austin Ruse is a man full of energy and passion, who is fuelled in his daily work by ‘righteous anger’. He is president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), a non-partisan, non-profit research institute that has […]

The Holy See’s Man in Manhattan

Written by Fiona Basile Fiona Basile, Archbishop Chullikatt and Jane Munro. I had been in a sea of international diplomats at the United Nations (UN) for a week by the time I had an opportunity to meet with the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, Permanent Observer of the Holy See […]

The Two Popes: Apostles of True Human Dignity

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor The words and actions of Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI surely affirm, and inspire us all in the pursuit of the League’s mission of educating, promoting and defending the dignity of all our fellow human beings—whether elderly, pre-born, disabled, or hale […]

Home Safe from CSW 57 in New York…

Written by Fiona Basile I’m pleased to report that both Jane and I have returned safely home after spending two intense weeks at the United Nations in New York for the 57th Session of the Commission for the Status of Women. What a steep learning curve… this was certainly NO […]

Dorothy Day: A Holiness that Unites Love and Truth

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor In his third encyclical, Caritas in Veritate (Love in Truth, 2009), Pope Benedict XVI urges the societies of the world and the Church herself to take a “new trajectory of thinking … in order to arrive at a better understanding of the implications of our being […]

Surprise and hope greet new Bishop

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor There is distinct air of both surprise and hope at the announcement this week that Father Paul Bird, the regional head (provincial) of the Redemptorists will be the eighth Catholic Bishop for the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat. It is interesting that commentators and […]

Inquiry Calls for United Response to On-line Porn

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor In April this year, an independent and cross-party U.K. Parliamentary group released the Report of its Inquiry into Online Child Protection. The Inquiry was conducted not only with the working team of Conservative, Labour and cross-bench members, but was supported by 60 other British […]

Let us not Avert Our Eyes to Internet Abuse

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor The last few decades have witnessed a rising tide of societal outrage and grief over the neglect or evasion of cases of child sexual abuse within once trusted institutions—the scouts, schools or churches. People question why it is that time and time again […]

Rethinking the Role of Religious Belief in the Public Sphere

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor From left to right:Marcia Riordan (CWLA Social Issues Convenor & Executive Director Marriage, Family and Life Office), Professor Iain Benson, Penny Badwal (Project Officer, Marriage Family and Life Office) andMaureen Cassidy (Masters Student, John Paul II Institute). Academics, media commentators and even ordinary […]

Papal award for Mrs Madge Fahy

Written by Kairos Catholic Journal Pope Benedict XVI has bestowed the Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice on Mrs Madge Fahy, immediate past National President of the Catholic Women’s League of Australia (CWLA). Also known as the Cross of Honour, the award was established in 1888 by Pope Leo XIII and […]

A new kind of feminism?

Written by Marcia Riordan, Social Issues Convenor In recent weeks we have witnessed a debate in the media over who has the right to call herself a feminist. Feminism began as a movement seeking equality of educational and employment opportunities for women and the right to vote. By the 1970s, […]

An Ambitious Project – Publishing a Life in Bioethics

Associate Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini is something of an Australian landmark.   He is currently the Associate Dean and Head of the Bioethics Department at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne. In an earlier blog, I wrote about a series of seminars that Professor Tonti-Filippini has organized in different […]

CWLA Launches YouTube Channel

In response to the Holy Father’s invitation to “…join the network of relationships which the digital era has made possible…”, the National President of Catholic Women’s League Australia, Madge Fahy, launched CWLA’s official YouTube channel today ( Madge said: “New technologies are changing not only the way we communicate, but […]

“Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”

Blessed Pope John Paul II in his book “Memory and Identity – Personal Reflections” compared the politics surrounding abortion to Hitler and the Holocaust. At the time, his comments caused some controversy. He lamented that contemporary democratic governments which legalised abortion were a new totalitarianism “insidiously hidden behind the appearance of democracy.”  He […]

CWLA Newsletter – October 2011

The Catholic Women’s League of Australia has just released its latest e-newsletter.  This issue includes a wonderful article by Emeritus Professor Gabrielle McMullen about the recent CWLA Biennial Conference in Melbourne as well as an article by Austin Ruse, the President of C-FAM.  It also contains a beautiful reflection by Fr […]

New Front of Resistance against Global Porn

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor A compelling and confronting new book, Big Porn Inc, was recently  launched in both Melbourne and Perth. The publishers, editors, some of the Australian contributors and those endorsing the book spoke of the launch of this book as a “landmark publication”. “Big Porn Inc: […]

How Cyber-Porn Breeds Cyber-Cowards

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor There is no longer any debate about the ease of access to and speed of distribution of pornography via cyber-technology. Pornographic images and scripts can be viewed and downloaded easily and even inadvertently via iphones or computers. The pornification of women and children […]

Turning point for Catholic Women’s League Australia

Written by Anna Krohn In her welcome address to their 45th Biennial Conference, Emeritus Professor Gabrielle McMullen extolled the more than 220 participants from the Catholic Women’s League of Australia (CWLA) for being “the leading organisation for the formation of women throughout Australia”. Professor McMullen reflected that the conference theme, […]

Mary Glowrey: Our Father in heaven and on earth

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor © Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga For several decades, sociologists and psychologists have identified the key contribution made by engaged, tender and stable fathers (and father figures) to the academic, sexual and character development of girls. The importance of fathers […]

The Culture of Life and Dr Mary Glowrey

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor On the Feast of St Francis Xavier (3rd December once the patron saint of Australia and now the Missions) the Archbishop of Melbourne announced the preliminary phase of the cause for canonization of the extraordinary Dr Sister Mary Glowrey. When Pope Benedict XVI […]

Benedict XVI: Liturgy as the source of evangelisation

Written by Anna Krohn, National Bioethics Convenor Pope Benedict draws together very skillfully the biblical, liturgical and spiritual themes which evoke the patient waiting and yet the fierce wakefulness of the expectant mother. “During the Season of Advent we shall feel the Church which takes us by the hand- and in […]

Australian fights atheist humanism at UN

Written by Anthony Barich Brenda Finlayson in a reflective mood after being invested in the Order of St Gregory the Great at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Ballarat on 7 November. Photo: Courier Mail AN Australian woman who has described United Nations’ policy as being subject to “anti-Christian” influence from “atheistic […]

Catholic women in peace and war

Written by Robyn Fahy © Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga. Used with permission The International Union of Catholic Women’s League, now known as the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO), was founded in Brussels in 1910 following a meeting of representatives of league organisations from France, […]

Our Lady embraces CWL

Written by Glynnis Grainger Women’s gifts highlighted at national conference. Fr Tony Chiera, Vicar General of the Bunbury Diocese, with Anne Power and Barbara Paterniti, CWL’s outgoing national executives The Catholic Women’s League apostolate was re-dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians at its national conference at the Novotel Langley […]

Walking by faith, not by sight

Written by Glynnis Grainger CWL national conference opened. Professor Celia Hammond, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame, with the CWL National president Karyn Kammann. A procession of banners preceded the opening of the Catholic Women’s League’s 44th National Biennial Conference at the Novotel Langley on Monday, August 31. The […]